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Inner Breath Workshops

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Breath, Work Shops

Embark on a transformative journey with us at the Inner Breath, BREATH WORKSHOP, a 3-hour immersive experience.


Delve deeper into personal growth and change for those seeking a more serious exploration. We've crafted something special to help you reconnect with your true essence during our Breathwork event.

To fully engage in this experience, please bring the following items:
- Yoga mat or towel
- Blankets and cushions
- Water bottle
- Pen and notepad
- Comfy clothes

Join us as we explore the profound realm of personal growth in 'Mastering Mindful Breathing': A Breathwork Workshop.

This comprehensive session is designed to:
- Uncover the benefits and scientific foundations of breathwork.
- Examine the link between breathwork and stress management,           mental health, and productivity.
- Foster a sense of community through a simple and enjoyable group activity.
- Explore various breathing techniques, including box breathing, 4-7-8 breathing, and alternate nostril breathing.

- Guide participants through a 40-minute breathwork session.
- Facilitate shared experiences.
- Discuss practical ways to integrate breathwork into daily routines.
- Provide tips on using breathwork for relaxation, managing stress, or enhancing energy and focus.

Come and join us for a transformative experience that will deepen your understanding of personal growth and well-being.

I anticipate the opportunity to evolve and thrive alongside you. - Justin

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To support you on your journey, we provide journals and workbooks that align with our personal development program. Click the link to acquire the Sunrise Activation Journal.

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